European Ground Squirrel habitat reconstruction in a Ier Valley grassland

2017.09.01.  16:00

During July, we undertook habitat reconstruction activities via mowing, in a ground squirrel habitat near Otomani locality. The weedy and shrubby vegetation was mown in two separate parts of the grassland. Soon after, grazing began also in these patches, improving the condition of the habitat. We hope next year ground squirrels will also be able to occupy these parts of the pasture.

Habitat before reconstruction (photo: Zsolt Hegyeli).

Mowing the grassland (photo: Lőrinc Bărbos).

Although grasslands from more southern project areas typically do not face undergrazing due to high sheep numbers, in the Ier Valley region maintaining ground squirrel populations can occasionally be hindered also by poor grassland management.

Mown grassland (photo: Zsolt Hegyeli).

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