Conservation Status

Saker is a strictly protected species in Hungary its conservation value by law is HUF 1.000.000 (≈ €4.000). The species is listed in Annex I. of Bird Directive of the European Union, Annex II. of Bern Convention , Annex II. of CITES, and it is listed as “Endangered” on the Red List of IUCN.

In order to make conservation efforts more efficient interested countries created an action plan, that gives a direction to the conservation efforts of the European Union aiming Saker Falcon. Hungarian experts were asked to co-ordinate the work of creating the Action Plan for the Saker Falcon due to the fact that Hungary has the biggest population of Saker in the EU thus Hungarian experts have the most experience with the species. The first international meeting to create the Action Plan was held in Csákvár, Hungary in February 2005.

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